Summer is officially in full swing and with tons of cookouts and other events it can be hard to stay on track. Today I am sharing a few tips to help keep the balance in your life so you can have fun and feel confident in your food choices too! Five tips for your healthiest summer: 1. Eat your veggies first- BBQ or not I always advise eating all the vegetables on your plate before anything else. This ensures you aren’t filling up on the pasta salad and burger buns first but rather getting in some vital nutrients to keep your energy levels on point. 2. Skip the bun- Burger buns are loaded with additives, preservatives and are an overall processed food trap. Skip the bun and have the burger with your toppings alone or on top of the side salad! You’ll feel less bloated and have more energy for activities. 3. Bring your own dish- The best part about BBQs is that everyone always contributes something. Make your contribution something healthy and fun! Recipes like dips, homemade Olive Hummus with veggies, or a unique soup like this Watermelon Soup are great ways to switch it up and expose people to different, simple options. 4. Drink plenty of water- With the hot sun and a few too many alcoholic beverages we can feel less than stellar pretty quickly. Make sure you stay properly hydrated! If you do decide to enjoy an adult beverage, a great rule of thumb is to alternate each alcoholic drink with a full glass of water. 5. Get your workout in early– Not everyone loves a morning workout but in the summer it’s cooler out and the sun’s up sooner so it doesn’t feel as a draining as it can in the winter. Getting your workout out of the way before the spontaneity of the day helps keep your body moving and leaves you feeling accomplished before heading out for the rest of your day. What’s your favorite tip for staying healthy during the summer? Be sure to share it in the comments below so others can try it too!   Rebecca Camire is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and founder of Refreshed Nutrition.