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2015-2016 Course Catalog

Fall USA Venues 2015-2016
Fall International Venues 2015-2016
Winter USA Venues 2016
Winter International Venues 2016
Spring International Venues 2016

The Nutritional Therapy Association, Inc.™ offers the Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Program in a distance learning format. This program gives students 9 months of training with the flexibility of self-paced study, teleconference calls and 3 separate multiple-day, instructor-led workshops during the fifteen-module course. Students will receive access to comprehensive learning materials, reference documents, video and audio lectures through our online learning management system NTTConnect.  Students must have reliable, high-speed internet access and be comfortable working in an online environment.

During the Instructor-lead teleconference calls students will review the audio and video lecture material and join in on class discussions that complement the curriculum. In addition, students may schedule individual phone conferences for clarifying any questions. Course requirements consist of module-based homework, book reviews on all required reading, a community outreach project and outside client/practitioner exercises. Students will be required to attend 3 intensive workshops at a designated location. These multi-day sessions will include hands-on instruction that covers client functional evaluations, diet and lifestyle assessments, review of course material, and examinations.

Upon completion of the NTP program and having met all the requirements, you will graduate with a certification from the Nutritional Therapy Association with the designation of a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner™ (NTP). A Nutritional Therapy Practitioner does not diagnose or treat disease. We make nutritional recommendations for balancing the body and promoting optimal wellness. A Nutritional Therapy Practitioner is approved by NTA as a certifying organization, not licensed or certified by any state. Please check with your state for specific information on licensing requirements.

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NTP Reading List & Assignments 2015-2016


Click the Pear to Listen to the Audio Presentation: Introduction to the Nutritional Therapist Training Programs, and to download the registration packet.

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner program, function holistic education

Fall Venues 2015-2016 – CLOSED

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Workshop Cities:

Tuition $3,900

Austin, TX – wait list
Denver, CO
Hartford, CT
Los Angeles, CA – limited seats
Portland, OR – wait list
San Diego, CA – limited seats
Seattle, WA


Fall 2015-2016 International Venue – CLOSED

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Workshop Cities:
Tuition $3,900 USD

Vancouver, British Columbia


Winter Venues 2016

Registration Opens October 5, 2016

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Workshop Cities:
Tuition $3,900

Ann Arbor, MI
Bend, OR
Burlington, VT
Herndon, VA
Honolulu, HI
Minneapolis, MN
Olympia, WA
Phoenix, AZ
Sacramento, CA
Salt Lake City, UT – Updated venue dates 07/06/15

Winter 2016 International Venue

Registration Opens October 5, 2016

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Workshop Cities:
Tuition $3,900 USD

Toronto, Ontario


Spring 2016 International Venue

Registration Opens October 5, 2016

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Workshop Cities:
Tuition $5,900 USD

Brisbane, Australia

For financing options for the NTP Australia class please contact the financial institutions:

Commonwealth Bank:
Roger Adams – lending officer
Phone: 0416 240 328

Bank of Queensland:
Darren Wall, Manager
North Ward, BoQ
Cnr Eyre & Gregory Streets North Ward QLD 4810
P O Box 270
Hyde Park QLD 4812
Phone: 07 4760 2050
Mobile Phone: 0409 444 809
Fax: 07 4760 2051
Email: |

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