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NTP Classes

About the NTP Program

The Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP®) Program couples the flexibility of self-paced, online study with the benefits of instructor-led conference calls and three in-person workshops. Students will receive access to comprehensive learning materials, reference documents, and video and audio lectures through NTTConnect, the NTA’s online learning management system.

The Foundations

NTP Course Requirements

Course requirements consist of module-based homework and quizzes, book reviews on required texts, a community outreach project, a series of client-practitioner exercises, a midterm exam (written and practical), and a final exam (written and practical). To take the course, students must have reliable, high-speed Internet access and be comfortable working in a primarily online environment.

During the Instructor-led conference calls, students will review the audio and video lecture materials and join in class discussions that complement the curriculum. In addition, students may schedule individual phone conferences to clarify any questions about the course or curriculum during instructor office hours. Students can also ask questions and hold discussions in the online forums.

In-Person Workshops

The 3 mandatory workshops (10 days in total) include hands-on instruction in the NTA’s unique Functional Evaluation and Lingual-Neuro Testing process, diet and lifestyle assessments, review of course material, and midterm and final examinations (both written and practical). Students can only miss a total of 8 hours of workshop hours (the equivalent of 1 workshop day) to receive NTP certification. If more than 8 hours are missed, students must make up the hours by arranging to attend another workshop (permission from both Lead Instructors is required) or paying a Lead Instructor for private tutoring at their standard hourly rate.

NTP Certification

Upon completion of the program, passing the midterm and final, and completing all homework, one will be certified as a “Nutritional Therapy Practitioner”™ by the Nutritional Therapy Association, Inc.®. Note that a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner does not diagnose or treat disease, but instead makes nutritional recommendations for balancing the body and promoting optimal wellness. NTPs are approved by the NTA as a certifying organization, but are not licensed or certified by any state. Please check with your state for specific information on licensing requirements.

Learn More about the NTP Program

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Fall 2017-2018 Classes


Please see below for our upcoming venues for the fall. Actual locations and dates of the workshops are to be determined. Venues may be subject to change.


Tuition for the Fall 2017-18 NTP Program is $5,400.

The tuition fee includes access to:

Tuition does not include:

*Note that tuition for the Melbourne NTP class is $5,900 USD.

Winter 2018 Classes


Please see below for our upcoming winter venues. Actual locations and dates of the workshops are to be determined. Venues may be subject to change.


$5,400 USD

The tuition fee includes access to:

Tuition does not include:

*Note that tuition for the Brisbane NTP class is $5,900 USD.


U.S. Classes

Financing for the NTP classes is available through the Tulip Financial Empowerment Center with Harborstone Credit Union. In order to apply for a loan to finance the NTP program, you will need to go to Harborstone’s website and apply for a Personal Loan online. When it says, “any other information you want to supply to the credit union,” you will need to make a note that the loan is for Tulip/NTA. Once you have completed the application, you will need to email johna.larue@Harborstone.com to let Johna know you have applied for the NTA Professional Development Loan so she can process it accordingly. Registration will be confirmed upon receipt of tuition in full.

Apply for the Personal Loan through Harborstone here.

*Please NOTE: Currently this loan option is only available to Washington residents, but will soon be available to residents of all other US states. We thank you for your patience during this transition and will update the website once the change has taken place. If you have any questions, you can email nta@nutritionaltherapy.com.

Australia Classes

Financing for the NTP Australia class is available from Auswide Bank.

See the NTA Australia site for more information.

Canada Classes

Currently, financing is not available for Canada-based classes.



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