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Cookbook List

Nourishing Traditions

  • (Sally Fallon) This book challenges politically correct nutrition while offering modern families a guide to wise food choices and proper preparation techniques. Fallon provides many meal ideas and healthy recipes.A full-spectrum nutritional cookbook with a startling message–animal fats and cholesterol are vital factors in the human diet, necessary for reproduction and normal growth, proper function of the brain and nervous system, protection from disease and optimum energy levels. Includes information on how to prepare grains, health benefits of bone broths and enzyme-rich lacto-fermented foods.
Wild Fermentation

  • (Sandor Elliz Katz) For thousands of years humans have enjoyed the taste and nutrition of fermented foods and drinks. We rely on the transformative, almost magical power of fermentation to preserve and improve all sorts of food, making them tastier, more digestible, and more appealing. Author Sandor Katz takes readers on a whirlwind trip through the wild world of fermentation. The book is divided into chapters that focus on particular types of food and Katz provides readers with delicious recipes-—some familiar, others exotic—-that are easy to make at home, including vegetable krauts and kimchis; sourdough breads and pancakes; miso and tempeh; beers, wines, and meads; yogurt and cheeses.The recipes provide a veritable smorgasbord of tastes, like homemade tempeh, sauerkraut, and borscht, along with a basic description of yogurt and cheese-making, complete with vegan alternatives. Whether you prefer to wash down your meal with Elderberry wine or Nepalese rice beer, there’s something here to satisfy any palate.Katz, a leading expert on the history of these foods, has written a revolutionary and informative culinary guide he calls “a cultural manifesto.” He has experimented with many forms of fermentation and has developed and collected a wide range of techniques and recipes from around the world.



Dr. Mercola’s Total Health Cookbook and Program

  • (Dr. Joseph Mercola) “Dr. Mercola’s Total Health Program,” is guaranteed for life to improve your health and weight.
    • Help you prevent disease, lose weight, look and feel younger, and increase your energy quickly and permanently
    • Reveal your particular biochemistry, or “metabolic type,” and how to eat the right proportions of carbohydrates, proteins and fats for your type
    • Provide everything you need to know about all the healthiest foods, and those you should avoid

    Plus it contains over 150 original delicious, nutritious low-carb recipes that are easy to prepare and immensely satisfying.



The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook

  • (Alissa Segersten & Tom Malterre) The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook offers readers and foods lovers a new and in-depth look at foods found in their whole form and how to prepare them. Learn to prepare foods that promote optimal health, decrease inflammation, prevent disease, and energize your body. There are over 200 delicious, nourishing recipes in this cookbook that will delight your taste buds and satisfy your soul.

    The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook includes:

    Evidence-based information on whole foods

    Information on food sensitivities, including ways to adapt recipes with gluten, dairy, eggs, or soy

    A complete guide to stocking your whole foods pantry

    Sweet and savory whole grain baked goods that are gluten, dairy, egg, and soy-free

    Scrumptious vegetarian recipes along with delicious fish, poultry, and meat recipes

    A schedule for introducing solid foods to infants

    A proven 28-day elimination and detoxification diet

    The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook provides a diverse array of recipes for every taste bud and eating style. Recipes include Minty Green Smoothie, Sweet Rice Cereal, Root Vegetable Pancakes, Easy Gluten-Free Biscuits, Orange Currant Millet Bread, Quinoa Zucchini Bread, Fall Pinto Bean and Yam Soup, Creamy Butternut Squash Soup, Turkey and Wild Rice Soup, Raw Sauerkraut, Autumn Harvest Salad, Braised Kale with Garlic and Ginger, Curried Vegetables, Buckwheat Soba Noodle Salad, Thai Fried Rice, Coconut Quinoa Pilaf, Spinach and Tofu Enchiladas with Spicy Ancho Chili Sauce, Tempeh Fajitas, Lentil and Spinach Dal, Sunny Sunflower Seed Burgers, Spiced Citrus Salmon, Coconut Lime Chicken, Lemon Blueberry Pudding, Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies, Raw Chocolate Hazelnut Brownies, Zesty Lemon Tart, Decadent Chocolate Bundt Cake, and Berry Peach Iced Nut Cream. There are also recipes for healing teas, nut milks, and smoothies, as well as recipes for salad dressings, dips, and sauces. With so many recipes to choose from, the question: What’s for Dinner? can easily be answered every time.



The Garden of Eating- A Produce Dominated Diet & Cookbook

  • (Rachel Albert-Matesz & Don Matesz)







Healthy Gluten Free Cooking

(Darina Allen & Rosemary Kearney) Unable to digest gluten, a protein found in wheat and other grains, people with celiac disease resign themselves to life without bread or pasta-not to mention cheese soufflé, lasagna, chicken pot pie, pancakes, chocolate gâteau, and panzanella. But now, with Healthy Gluten-Free Cooking, all of these once-taboo foods, and many more, are available to the estimated two million Americans with this incurable condition.Here Darina Allen, founder of Ireland’s renowned Ballymaloe Cookery School, and Rosemary Kearney, a nutrition expert who has celiac disease, present delicious, gluten-free transformations of 157 recipes from appetizers and salads to main courses and desserts, including Irish soda bread, fritters, scones, pork en croute, and Yorkshire pudding. Also featured is essential advice on selecting gluten-free ingredients. In this book the authors achieve the ultimate in healthy cooking: a cuisine for a special need that is sensational enough for everyone to enjoy.


The Victory Garden Cookbook

  • (Marian Morash) An incomparable variety of more than 800 enticing recipes, basic gardening information, shopping tips for nongardeners, preserving and serving hints in oversize format. The book has sold 250,000 copies to date. 300 color photographs.






Gluten-Free Girl

  • (Shauna James Ahren) An entire generation was raised to believe that cooking meant opening a box, ripping off the plastic wrap, adding water, or popping it in the microwave. Gluten-Free Girl, with its gluten-free healthful approach, seeks to bring a love of eating back to our diets. Living gluten-free means having to give up traditional bread, beer, pasta, as well as the foods where gluten likes to hide—such as store-bought ice cream, chocolate bars, even nuts that might have been dusted with flour. However, Gluten-Free Girl shows readers how to say yes to the foods they can eat. Written by award-winning blogger Shauna James, who became a interested in food once she was diagnosed with celiac disease and went gluten-free, Gluten-Free Girl is filled with funny accounts of the author’s own life including wholesome, delicious recipes, this book will guide readers to the simple pleasures of real, healthful food. Includes dozens of recipes like salmon with blackberry sauce, sorghum bread, and lemon olive oil cookies as well as resources for those living gluten-free



Truly Cultured

  • (Nancy Lee Bentley) This is a delicious and nutritious feast of facts, recipes and figures, quips, quotes, quizzes, history, food science, anecdotes and insight, puns, myths, secrets, how-to tips, titbits and unabashed, call-it-like-it-is power truths that help readers understand how important live, cultured, fermented foods – and the microorganisms that produce them – are to our health, environment and communities. Although many people will pick up “Truly Cultured” just for its sumptuous recipes and lush, four-colour photographs, the book is much more, an unprecedented archetype on this subject. Bentley hopes it will change the way we think about food, health and life and how this impacts the world.



The Food of Life: The Versatile Vegetable

  • (Marianda Barrett)








Recipes for Longer Life

  • (Ann Wigmore) First Sentence:The purpose of the transition diet — from that of meat, processed foods, sugar, white flour products, etc., to a total living foods diet of vegetables, fruit, sprouts, fermented nuts, and seeds — is to allow the body to gradually cleanse accumulated waste materials at a slower pace until the whole diet is one of living foods.





*We suggest that you check out some of these vegan, vegetarian and raw cookbooks to help you think outside the box when it comes to preparing your vegetables.

Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone*

  • (Deborah Madison) Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone teaches readers how to build flavor into vegetable dishes, how to develop vegetable stocks, and how to choose, care for, and cook the many vegetables available to cooks today. Vegetarian Cooking for Everyoneis in every way Deborah Madison’s magnum opus, featuring 1,400 recipes suitable for committed vegetarians, vegans (in most cases), and everyone else who loves good food. For nonvegetarians, the recipes can be served alongside meat, fish, or fowl and incorporated into a truly contemporary style of eating that emphasizes vegetables and fruits for health and well-being.



The Vegan Gourmet*

  • (Susann Geiskopf-Hadler & Minday Toomay) This enticing collection of innovative recipes will please and inspire both everyday and occasional vegan cooks. Inside you’ll discover tantalizing, hearty recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner: menu plans for special occasions and multicourse feasts; ideas for appetizers; and much, much more!






Vegan Fusion World Cuisine

  • (Mark Reinfeld & Bo Rinaldi) Vegan Fusion World Cuisine, a groundbreaking work that has won nine international awards, is a celebration of international gourmet vegan cuisine that introduces us to the simplicity of a vibrant, healthy lifestyle.Much more than a cookbook, this artistic treasure contains stunning food photography, inspiring graphics, natural-food cooking charts and kitchen wisdom for all. A foreword by Dr. Jane Goodall highlights its aim to inspire peace and understanding amongst individuals, cultures and all who care about our planet.



RAW: The Uncook Book*

  • (Jilano Brotman & Erika Lenkert) Raw is the first major guide to preparing gourmet raw cuisine, an introduction to the finest dining this planet has to offer, with unique dishes made entirely from vegetarian and living foods.Raw offers ultimate pure flavor, thousands of textures, and beautiful effects on body, mind, soul and the environment! This isn’t 100 variations of salad, but an ultra-gourmet cuisine, which fuses ancient culinary techniques with a modern and practical lifestyle. From sun-baked pizzas, satisfying sandwiches, vegan sushi, the best burritos and sprouted-rice dishes, to sangria and shakes, cookies, pudding, and pies.