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NTA Authors – Sara Tang, NTP

Sara Tang

Sara Tang was a counselor and therapist while she discovered her most depressed patients were all vegans. Her quest to find the connection of food and mental health led her into the door of nutrition. Sara received her Nutritional Therapy Practitioner certification from the Nutritional Therapy Association. She is now a full time writer and she also runs an influential blog and youtube channel in the Chinese speaking community. blog.shishikeke.com.tw features health and nutritional research; and it hosts the largest support group for food revolution in Taiwan in a forum format. Sara’s ShiShiKeKe YouTube channel features two classes on food, cooking, and health weekly. She is often invited to give speeches and seminars in private and public organizations both in Asia and U.S. Sara has weekly appearances for the health radio program at the World Radio Station in California. She also has a research-based practice in California.

Professional Career Development Institute, Certified Food Caterer

How to get your copies:

You can be thin, you can be healthy: As long as you reverse the food pyramid
You can be thin, you can be healthy: As long as you reverse the food pyramid by Sara Tang, NTP, Fulbright, PPS

The book described Sara’s own food revolution, and it also came with a useful In-and-Out biochemical system, which include individuality of food, food quality, food preparation, combination of nutrition, how we eat, how we digest, and how putting them together can achieve balance and health. The same system can be used reversely to determine which factors were out of balance and how to fix them. The book included the “why and how” of thirteen chronic diseases we often encountered. It was on the best selling list for three months where it was published-Taiwan. The book is written in Chinese. It can be purchased across Chinese book stores in America, or it can be ordered online through Books.com

Check out Sara’s second book!

 Contrary to common belief, human emotion is actually not imagined by our conscious, but first created in our autonomic nervous system. The pituitary portal can convert the electrical message of our emotion to a chemical one, which means our emotions can directly impact our physical health. Reversely, the chemical environment in our body can also influence our emotions by the same portal.  That is why what we eat, which largely dictates our biochemistry, can fundamentally change our emotions.  At the same time, how we are treated by others can trigger our emotions as well. Thus, teaching others how to treat you right is the key to a good health.  This book, written in Chinese, teaches you how to eat right and act right, so you can have the right emotions all the time. It can be purchased in Chinese book stores across America, or it can be ordered online through  Books.com