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NTA Authors – Nancy Rose, NTP

Nancy Rose is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner who has spent her life studying nutrition, health, and fitness in order to heal her own body physically and mentally. She is the Owner/President of Get At The Roots Weight Loss, LLC. She has held over 100 seminars on health and nutrition and is on a mission to share her story in order to help optimize mental health and prevent suicide.

She conceived No More Loss after overcoming her own personal struggle with mental illness, having dedicated her adult life to researching health and mental wellness. Ms. Rose acknowledges that health is a complex issue, thus structuring the book around what she sees as the five primary components of healing in order to optimize mental health: spiritual healing, emotional healing, neurological healing, nutritional healing, and physical fitness.

For more information on Nancy go to www.GetAtTheRoots.com.

How to get your copies:

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Nancy Rose’s book, No More Loss can be purchased from her website directly, from BookPatch.com and from Amazon