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NTA Authors – Kellie Hill, NTP

Kellie Hill started her career in the world of non-profit and quickly found she could put the same number of hours in, working for herself, and make money. So, she left to become an entrepreneur. She was the youngest female 7-11 franchise, soon purchasing a second store. After five years, and meeting her soon-to-be-husband, she sold her businesses and started in the McDonald’s world. She began an approved owner/operator, graduating from Hamburger University. After ten years in the fast food industry she realized her continuous passion for healthy food was too in congruent with her career. Kellie went back to school receiving a BS in Nutrition, Health and Wellness to add to her BA in Speech Communication. Wanting to find even healthier alternatives for teaching she received her Nutritional Therapy Practitioner degree the following year. Years of working with private clients and instructing cooking classes lent Kellie to want to produce programs for individuals that didn’t have the desire or resources to be a private client. The 2 Week Fat Loss Program was one of the results.

Kellie can be reached at www.therightnutritionplan.com.

How to get your copies:

2 Week Fat Loss Program: from The Right Plan Nutrition Counseling by Kellie Hill, NTP Want energy all day? Ready to lose fat without feeling deprived? Tired of complicated weight loss programs?

Have you tried programs where all you lost was water weight and you could only eat boxed foods?

Is it TIME to jumpstart your metabolism in a healthy way?

Here’s the solution!

An easy to follow 2 Week Fat Loss Program that has a 100% success rate-to-date! It creates and maintains overall health while reducing fat. You will have more energy, think clearer, feel better, and lose fat.

“I lost 17 pounds without trying” – Susan

“I have been able to conquer the confusion and make healthy choices a natural part of my day”. – Kerri

“It’s actually simple and fun” – Chandra

“I’m below 20% body fat now” – Kirsten

Here’s what you will receive in this revolutionary 2 Week Fat Loss Program:

• a full two week menu plan – no guessing
• healthy tips for cooking
• make ahead suggestions to keep you on track
• how to use leftovers so you’re not always cooking
• how to understand good quality fats, protein, and carbohydrates
• learn how and when to eat
• planning and preparation tips
• testimonials from satisfied clients
• simple recipes to follow – for every meal
• menus including breakfast, lunch, dinner, two snacks, and dessert for every day!

You won’t feel hungry or deprived, while you lose fat. Shop at your local grocery store and cook with whole foods.

“Using the basic principles I’ve lost more weight than I thought I could. My life has completely changed for the better. I look and feel fantastic!” – Shannon

The 2 Week Fat Loss Program is a clear, easy to follow plan that will help anyone get back on the road to optimal health.