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NTA Authors – Allison Hamza, NTP

Allison Hamza

My mission is to get good food in everyone’s belly. I believe that nutrient-dense, organic, whole food is the key to our health, vitality and happiness. Every day I see how the good food that my family, my friends, my community and I eat affects our health, our personal interactions with each other and our general well-being. As a nutritional therapy practitioner, my goal is to help you the client remove the stressors that are impeding your optimal health and add nourishing, nutrient-dense foods to your diet to kick start your metabolism and begin the healing process. Your body will feel better, your mind will be clearer, your emotions will be more grounded and you will love life again!

Always a foodie and always in the kitchen, it was until my sophomore year in college in Texas that I really got into whole foods and a more conscious way of eating. The more I learned about how food was processed and distributed, the more inspired I became to seek out the highest quality food for my body and my spirit. I became a regular pilgrim to local health food stores and Whole Foods Markets, weeding out the “Natural” junk foods from the true nourishing, organic whole foods.

Getting Into Food by Allison Hamza
I’ve tried vegetarian, vegan, low-fat and full-fat. My conclusion: there is no one diet for any two people. Every single person will need to eat differently based on their body type, blood type, dosha and personality to achieve optimal wellness. It is so important to know yourself, know your body to cultivate a relationship with your food and your local food economy. It’s also important to avoid getting overwhelmed with restrictions, guidelines and calorie-counting–obsessing about what you’re eating is almost as bad as not caring at all.

I was trained as a nutritional therapy practitioner to provide nutritional counseling and functional evaluations of specific nutrient deficiencies. I have three-plus years’ experience in a medical clinic as a lifestyle counselor, specializing in low-glycemic diets designed for patients with metabolic syndrome/insulin resistance. And I have been teaching nutritional cooking classes in the Olympia community for over five years.

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to share my passion for fabulous and nutritious food with my community and my clients. I often leave work having to pinch myself, feeling so uplifted that this is what I get to do for a living!

Eat well and Enjoy! —Allison

How to get your copies:

Getting Into Food by Allison Hamza

Getting Into Food by Allison Hamza, NTP

Getting into Food aims to reconnect you to your food source and empower you about the food choices you make for you and your family. This book is a guide. Inside you’ll find recipes for simple, healthy meals that taste delicious. You’ll also find nutritional information about the ingredients used in the recipes and grocery shopping guidance for making this shift into a healthier lifestyle.

These recipes have been compiled from three years of nutritional cooking classes. They are intended to get people excited about cooking healthy food and convince them that it doesn’t take an awful lot of time, money or savvy in the kitchen to make a nutritious and delicious meals. Most of the recipes are original, and the ones that aren’t have been altered to accommodate a low-glycemic lifestyle or have been taught by other instructors over the years in Allison’s classes.

Getting into Food is available for purchase through the web site www.newharvestnutrition.com